A May Moment With Mary

Dear friends and colleagues,

How is everyone doing out there?  Spring has sprung in Virginia and with the warmer temperatures and everything blooming, I find myself swinging back and forth between feeling a sense of invigoration, to feeling ready for a good nap. 

I recently attended the VAAEYC conference, both as a presenter and a vendor, and I felt such a tangible sense of excitement and passion for serving young children.  It filled me up to be surrounded by dedicated educators.

And then my car got towed…

What an unexpected and complete bummer to be walking down the sidewalk after picking up dinner, only to realize that the parking lot where my car had been parked for two days was now completely empty of cars and instead, filled with pop-up festival tents.  I said many words at that moment, none of which can be repeated here.

After several frustrating interactions and phone calls, a ride in a tow truck with a lovely, but slightly odd tow truck driver, and having to sit on the lap of a new and dear friend (who also happens to be a Preschool Director that uses My Music Starts Here in her school) in the passenger seat of aforementioned tow truck, I finally ended up back at my Airbnb with my car parked safely in a parking garage, and laughing till my face hurt with Robin and Ainsleigh (the new and dear friend who also happens to be an MMSH customer).

Along with feeling deeply grateful for my personal safety and for Robin’s and Ainsleigh’s support and laughter throughout the whole ordeal, I was also struck with the idea that sometimes as an educator, we feel like we are in the driver’s seat – lessons are planned in advance, we meet our goals and objectives with our kiddos, things are bopping along and we feel successful.

And other times, we feel like we are being towed – things are being thrown at us unexpectedly, we have to adjust plans constantly, we feel like we are not meeting our learning targets with our kiddos, and we feel like we are failing.

But if I learned anything from the towed car incident, other than where NOT to park in downtown Roanoke, it was that laughing and being with two people that totally had my back was what got me through the whole thing without having a panic attack.

So, whether you are feeling like you are currently in the driver’s seat or feeling like you are being towed, here’s your To Do List:

  • Find your people and laugh your heads off together. 
  • Email me to see how My Music Starts Here can be a resource for you and your school. You never know, I might just need to sit in your lap in the passenger seat of a random tow truck one day soon!

Sending you all my best for a healthy, happy spring,