In my 22 years of teaching, I’ve never seen music taught quite like this. It’s engaging and fun. And I never have to redirect the kids or give reminders to pay attention. They are truly drawn to it. It’s brought a lot of positive energy to my classroom.

I like it when my teacher sits with us to watch the videos and sing. She is also really good at keeping the steady beat. And she smells good.

I’m embarrassed to say that I had no idea how big of an impact music learning had on young children. I knew they loved it, but I didn’t know how much it supported their brain development and all of the other skills they need to be successful. We are thrilled to have this program in all of our classrooms.

Mommy, can we write them a thank you note for making this? I love it so much.

We weren’t ready for our 4 yr. old to take piano lessons, but she kept begging because her older brother does. Your website is the perfect fit for her and our crazy schedule. She loves the videos and my husband and I love that she is learning so much. She taught us all how to sing do, re, mi! Love it!

As a home educating mother of 3, I’m always looking for fun, engaging and cost-effective ways to introduce new subjects to my children, and My Music Starts Here has been ideal for this. The lessons are a highlight of our home ed schedule! I love the fact that I can use the same great value subscription for all of my children! I’ve really noticed a change in the way my children listen to and appreciate music since starting the lessons, and I’m excited to see where the lessons lead us!