Our Team

Mary Anderson

Co-founder/Teacher/Ukulele Enthusiast

Mary has had the wonderful opportunity to teach preschool and elementary general music for over twelve years. Through that experience, she has become solidified in her passion to give all children quality musical experiences and believes that it is something that children deserve, not something that only a lucky few get to experience.

Growing up in a musical household, Mary was surrounded by music and she soaked up every note of it. As she started her own musical journey, she had wonderful teachers who taught her the power of sharing and participating in music with others. This is something that she carries with her and strives to pass along to the children that she teaches ~ music connects us as human beings, and everyone can find a way to participate.

Mary received her Bachelor’s degree in Trumpet Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University and went on to get her Master’s degree in Music Education from Boston University (where she met Mike on the first day of class). Working on these two degrees helped her to find her own musical voice and prepared her for reaching children through music. However, her most powerful learning moments have come from watching children react to music in her classroom. Those are the moments that have driven her to this new platform, to try and reach more children through music – giving them authentic, fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate musical experiences with the intent of building a strong, resilient brain with a musical foundation that will last their lifetime.

When she’s not working together with Mike on My Music Starts Here or teaching her own students, she is performing classical trumpet, singing anything that comes her way, and practicing ukulele. She loves to be at home with her boys – playing in the yard, working on house projects, making a mess in the kitchen, and snuggled up on the couch.

Mike Anderson

Co-founder/Teacher/The Piano Guy

Since starting his own private piano studio, Mike has found working with students one-on-one to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable educational experiences. He believes in providing others with an opportunity to have an authentic experience while creating music. This occurs when sound is explored, discussed, analyzed, fused with physical technique, and felt in the heart. Teaching another to create music means involving yourself just enough into another’s process as a guide to explore without becoming a tyrant who dictates. Mike always hopes to be the guide.

He has been teaching piano full-time since 2006. He completed degrees in music and psychology from the University of Dayton in 2001, then dove straight into diversifying his resume working as an agricultural research assistant, flower shop delivery driver, barista at a coffee shop, land surveyor, and roofer.

After coming to his senses and realizing that he should probably use the degree he earned, he went on to Boston University where two important things happened: he earned a Masters degree in Music Education, and he met his wife Mary on the first day of class!
In addition to working with his own students as well as My Music Starts Here, Mike is an active member of the local Music Teacher Association where he has served as president. He also works regularly as an accompanist, soloist, and composer when time permits.
In those few moments when he is not teaching, editing videos for My Music Starts Here, or preparing for lessons, Mike likes to be outside with his family and moving as much as possible, whether it’s hiking, running, biking, boating or anything else!

Our Educational Advisory Team

  • Kathryn DeAtley
  • Geisha Goodman
  • Debbie Shelor

Our Diversity Advisory Team

  • Marc Cheatham
  • Dabney Ferguson
  • Filadelfia Soto
  • Destinee Thomas