Music Integration Program for Early Childhood Educators

Training for Your Teachers

$500 for 2 in-depth training sessions

To ensure that teachers using the MMSH program are fully knowledgeable in the program content and have the personalized support to confidently use the program in their daily routines with their students, we strongly recommend including two training sessions per school year.  

Trainings for up to 20 teachers are provided by one of the founders of MMSH or a certified MMSH coach and can be done in-person or virtual.

Single Educator Access

$300 for one year of access to our online program

With your membership, you will receive access to all MMSH digital content, including:

To support you in giving your students high-quality music learning opportunities, you will always have free access to:

Our team is made up of expert music educators, early childhood educators, and Diversity and Inclusion specialists and we are here to help you integrate high-quality music learning experiences into your classroom in the easiest and best way possible.

We highly recommend that all teachers and teacher assistants within a school setting attend the two training sessions given at the beginning of the school year and in the middle of the school year.  This provides teachers with a strong foundation in why music is a critical part of a young child’s education and best practices in implementing the program.  It also gives our team a chance to get to know the teachers, the school setting, and understand any challenges that they may be facing and how we can help.  As teachers ourselves, we love getting to know each teacher within our growing community personally and always look forward to spending time together!

Our lessons are curated to fit perfectly into your Morning Circle Time, Learning Rotations, and Play Time!

Each week, you will have everything you need to integrate songs, poems, steady beat, movement, and singing games into your routine with your students.  You just have to hit play!