For Early Childhood Educators

Start with music. Grow happy, healthy children.

As fellow educators, we believe in the power of early childhood education and we are honored to join you in the important work of building a strong foundation for lifelong, joyful learning for our children. We also know how challenging your job can be.  That is why we make it our mission to provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to feel confident in integrating high-quality music learning into your everyday routine with your students – even if you have never sung a note in your life! Our program gives you everything you need to start turbocharging the brain development, literacy skills, math skills, and social-emotional skills of your amazing little students today. We can’t wait to work together! Let’s get started!

My Music Starts Here Research and Application presentation

Current early childhood brain research and neuro-musical research show us the incredible impact that high-quality and consistent music learning can have on a young child’s brain development and overall wellness. However, what the research tells us and what we observe in many early childhood classrooms does not line up.

My Music Starts Here provides the bridge between research and application to ensure the highest learning and development outcomes for our children. In this slide deck, see how My Music Starts Here uses research and pedagogical best practices and puts them into action!


We provide engaging, expertly designed, music instruction videos curated to seamlessly integrate into any early childhood classroom at any time of the year.

Professional Development

In our meaningful and inspiring workshops, we support teachers to shift their thinking to using high-quality music learning in the classroom.


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