Classroom Program

Engaging, expertly designed, music instruction videos curated to seamlessly integrate into any early childhood classroom at any time of the year. Teachers can select quick lessons from the 33 Week Curriculum, choosing videos made specifically for Morning Circle Time, Whole Group Instruction Time, and to support with Transitions and Rest Times. 

It’s like having an early childhood music education expert in your classroom with you, modeling how to tap into the power of music to support everything from social-emotional development, literacy skills, communication skills, and building a happy, healthy classroom community. It’s loving, developmentally appropriate, and playful.

Our Classroom Program Includes:

Teachers and Students Agree

I like it when my teacher sits with us to watch the videos and sing. She is also really good at keeping the steady beat. And she smells good.

In my 22 years of teaching, I’ve never seen music taught quite like this. It’s engaging and fun. And I never have to redirect the kids or give reminders to pay attention. They are truly drawn to it. It’s brought a lot of positive energy to my classroom.

I’m embarrassed to say that I had no idea how big of an impact music learning had on young children. I knew they loved it, but I didn’t know how much it supported their brain development and all of the other skills they need to be successful. We are thrilled to have this program in all of our classrooms.