How My Music Starts Here Works in the Classroom

What content is provided to teachers?

Our content includes short videos of Mary and Mike teaching songs, poems, steady beat activities, and dances – both child-centered and teacher-centered – accompanied by sample integration plans. Our teacher education videos train the teacher in the best practices and how to implement them effectively.

We include carefully curated audio playlists of appropriate music for young children (classical, folk, and jazz).

How is the program organized?

Our content is organized seasonally and designed to follow the flow of a preschool day (morning circle, transitions, after recess, etc.). Our written integration plans support student engagement and give tieredlevels of mastery for each developmental level. Everything is designed to match a teacher’s musical confidence level.

How does the program fit into the daily schedule?

We are teachers and designed this for teachers. Our program supports teachers to implement music learning into already established classroom routines, not to be something else they have to magically fit into their busy day.

How much of a time commitment is there for teachers?

There is very little time commitment on behalf of the teacher. Their initial learning is covered during the training session, with most of their learning taking place right alongside their students as our program is designed to be both educational for students and educative for teachers. Sample integration plans are provided so that a teacher can jump in without any prior knowledge. Flexibility is key – every teacher is different, every classroom is different – and we have designed My Music Starts Here so that a teacher can make it work at their speed and comfort level.

Is there a need for certain instruments or AV equipment to use the program effectively?

Whatever the situation, we can make it work! If the teacher would like to show the child-centered videos to their students, they will need access to the internet, a computer, and a large screen.

If the teacher would like to learn on their own outside of the classroom then implement the lessons in the classroom, they can access training videos on the website to learn about the best practices  and implement all of the lessons on their own.

For curated playlists, teachers will need a way of playing music in their classroom. If internet is unavailable, CDs will be provided. All videos are designed so that no additional materials are needed to participate fully in the lessons, but complimentary to using rhythm sticks and other classroom instruments.