Music for Learning and Development

Music making and learning plays a critical role for young children, providing abundant benefits for their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. When we share high-quality, developmentally appropriate music with our students, it’s like a magic wand we can wave over them, supporting ALL of their learning and development goals in a gentle, playful way.

But not just any music will do!

Step 1: Choosing Developmentally Appropriate Music for the Classroom 
The music we share with our children in our classrooms must be of the highest quality and developmentally appropriate for the age of our students in order to have the most positive impact.

How do you know if the music you are sharing with your students is good enough for them?  Ask yourself these five questions:

  • Are there a lot of electronic instruments?  (Electric guitars, synthesizers, electronic drum kits)
  • Is there a heavy beat or bass line?
  • Does it sound overproduced or kind of cheesy?
  • If you listen to it more than once, are you annoyed by it?
  • When you play it for children, does it make them overly hyper to the point that they have a hard time calming down after the song is over?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, that particular music might not be the best choice for your students to truly tap into the power of music for their growth and development.  Tuck it away and only use it sparingly if your students seem to really like it.  Think of it like a really sugary dessert – fine every once in a while, but not for daily consumption!

Step 2: Integrating Musical Learning into Your Daily Routine
Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter for 5 simple ways to start integrating meaningful musical learning experiences into your daily routine with your students, and in the meantime…

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The My Music Starts Here team is always here and ready to help you share high-quality music with your students, for their cognitive, physical, and emotional health and development. This is our passion and we are so excited to serve as a resource for you and your little learners.