For Parents & Caregivers

Young children experience the world through joyful play, and it is essential that music be a part of that play as it engages all parts of the brain like no other discipline can.

As parents and music educators, we have curated all of the content on our website to make it easy for you to fill your home with high-quality music learning resources for you and your young child. We are honored to give your child a positive, engaging musical
experience that will spark joy and inspire them.

Resources Just For You

Playlists on Spotify

We curate audio playlists of incredible music to share with young children and you can access them from home or on the go! Our playlists are designed specifically to encourage young children to use their imagination to tell a musical story, to get up and move, or to simply delight in amazing music. We hope these playlists fill your home (or car) with musical joy!

Books, Toys, & Instruments

Finding high-quality musical resources can be tricky. We have created a full list of our favorite musical toys, instruments, books, and recordings that you can feel good about giving your child. All products included in this list are either currently in our own home or we have used the product in our classroom and studio with our students.

Songs & Stories

We are proud to share our new TV program with you! Songs & Stories takes a deep dive into music and story for children ages 3-8, with High Quality Music Learning, Diversity and Representation, and Social Emotional Skill Development as our guideposts for every episode. Come sing, laugh, and play with us as we explore music and stories in a whole new way!

Off-Screen Learning

After watching an episode of Songs & Stories, extend your child’s learning with an activity created by our Teacher Advisory Team. Each activity is created using the Virginia Early Learning and Development Standards to ensure that your child is practicing skills they need to thrive in school, while being playful and engaging.