Empowering Early Childhood Educators, Parents and Caregivers Alike

Educator Access

For this membership, educators receive access to all digital content, including:

  • 100+ educational and engaging video lessons for children ages 3 to 8, designed and created by two expert music educators to fit perfectly into the daily routine of an early childhood classroom
  • 10+ video tutorials for teachers, demonstrating the WHY and the HOW of My Music Starts Here
  • Ongoing support from a certified MMSH coach, in-person or virtual
  • A collection of off-screen extended learning activities
  • Audio playlists curated by two expert music educators to give you and your students access to a diverse range of developmentally appropriate, high-quality music you can play throughout the school day for active listening, transitions, and musical mindfulness
  • A library of books and musical resources curated by early childhood educators, Diversity and Inclusion specialists, and music educators