Helping Title I
Schools Thrive

My Music Starts Here helps Title I Schools build happy and healthy brains through music. Founded by Mary Anderson, a seasoned educator who spent over half of her teaching career in Title I Schools, our program offers powerful tools and resources for early childhood educators to ensure that young learners have the skills to meet challenging state achievement standards and the foundation for joyful, lifelong learning. 
At the core of our classroom-tested and proven program is data that demonstrates that young children who actively participate in high-quality music learning improve their literacy, communication, math, and social-emotional learning skills within the first six months. Every aspect of our customized programming is designed to empower teachers to foster joy, curiosity, and positive, loving connections with their students through music, building a foundation for high academic achievement.
My Music Starts Here is fully aligned with the state’s new Early Learning and Development Standards and creates ample opportunities for positive, high-quality interactions between teachers and their students.  We support teachers working to close achievement and opportunity gaps for our youngest learners while also inspiring and empowering them.
Our program:
  • Integrates engaging, rich, RESEARCH-BASED experiential music learning content into early childhood, kindergarten, and special education classrooms.
  • Works seamlessly with any classroom curriculum to naturally integrate music learning opportunities throughout the school day.
  • Provides weekly lesson plans, two training sessions and on-demand coaching for teachers, so they never feel alone.
  • Enhances teacher-student relationships as well as student’s peer to peer relationships.
  • Turbocharges the brain development of all students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Here’s a sample daily schedule to show how music learning fits into the routine and flow of the classroom.
We consider it our privilege to work with Title I Schools, and we would be honored to continue the conversation with you to learn more about your school and demonstrate why and how our approach at My Music Starts Here works. Let’s connect.